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"Aqui si se predica de la gracia que nuestro Señor Jesus tiene para con nosotros. Mi vida fue transformada por Dios atraves de esta Iglesia. Te invito a que veas por si mismo. Dios vencio el enemigo y llevo todas tus enfermedades y cargas a la cruz del calvario. No solamente resucito El al 3r dia, pero nos resucito a nosotros (su pueblo) para que tenemos vida en abundancia. Te espero. Domingo a las 11am, Miercoles a las 6pm, y Sabado a las 6am. Bendigo tu vida y a tu familia."

"It's a great church. Not exactly my kind of church but it was great regardless."

"A great church for people who want to actually know more about God"

"I have never felt more loved and more wanted in any church I have ever attended . The Lord truley blesses this church and the people that attend their. The Lord loves us all and the mission of this church is to love accept and encourage us all in our walk with the Lord. Mission work is very very important to this church after all with out missionaries how are we to get the message of Christ and what he has done for us. God Bless... And come visit this wonderful loving christian family.."

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