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"Tyler does some really Sik Stuff! I have 2 Harleys and he defiantly did a killer job. Will defiantly recommend him."

"I love this store great sales going on all the time and they offer a military discounts three times a month"

"Are all the females up around Tioga Pennsylvania beautiful? I've stopped by Jones cones twice in about the same amount of months and when I was there 30 days ago or so the two girls working behind the window or extremely pretty and today when I visited , another beautiful young lady was there to serve me. They're always very courteous and professional and helpful. Anytime I'm hauling Freight or south on us 15 even if I don't have a stop at Keck's, I try to make it point to stop and get some ice cream there. It's even more sunshine in my beautiful life. Thank U Jones Kone's for being strategically placed along the Route that I have to drive up and down frequently."

"Such a charming little place. The food was incredible. The staff were warm and friendly. I highly recommend the chicken and biscuits. The best I've ever had."

"They let us park a oversize load in there parking lot no charge because the truck stop exon would not let us . Super good people ."

"If you like badass aerial fireworks this is the place to go, biggest fireworks and best prices in the area."

"Really nice mom and pop shop has a wonderful selection of guns in the gun shop and they usually have some very nice cars for decent prices"

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